Circle of Hands (Gray Magick)

Anna and Gevinter Arrive to Chew Jerkey and Smite Enemies. And They Are All Out of Jerkey.
A Test for the Circle

Sent to investigate why trade has stopped flowing in an important coastal town, Anna, Gevinter and their retainers are faced first with a mystery, then with fighting as they arrive closer to the truth.

Dealing with the gentry and merchants is not easy but luckily Anna’s charm proves very useful, especially in regards to Conrad Eberhardt, the acting head of the Eberhardt family which had sent for help. Gevinter is able to make some headway with Dierk, the dockmaster, and eventually all signs point to a mysterious woman seen in the Eberhardt manse and the ship that she works for in the harbor.

Upon arrival to the ship in the harbor, magic is in evidence as the ship is much larger inside than out. Anna is able to use magic of her own to point them in the right direction, and they soon find themselves locked in combat with a White mage and his Simulacrum. It is a close thing, and Gevinter is forced to use a great deal of Black magic, but ultimately the mage is defeated, his illusions dispelled, and trade restored.


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